I'M HERE: a two-part tribute to my mother

This poster began with a lecture I gave at the Burren College of Art, where my brother was studying at the time. About a month after my mom had endured the successful surgery that removed a cancerous tumor from her lungs, we traveled together to visit my brother. To me, the trip sort of served as a 7-day celebration of my mom's life. Part of my lecture at the school included requesting the audience to identify elements of their life that are compromising their values, then asking them to close their eyes and visualize that compromising aspect, and to then raise their middle fingers while I play Bitch, Don't Kill my Vibe loudly on the speaker system. Later on, I asked my mom what she was thinking about when she was raising her middle fingers and listening to Kendrick Lamar. She said: "I was thinking, 'screw you, cancer. I'm here.'"

I'M HERE: a two-part tribute to my mother includes a 22.75 inch by 33 inch poster of my mom listening to Kendrick Lamar and the back consists of the last chapter in The Shape of Spilled Milk, a story called When I Get Cancer.