Interpreter in Residence

In Summer 2013, I was asked by the Smart Museum to be their first Interpreter in Residence. I proposed to build an office for The Chicago Perch out of library shelves and cabinetry that I had salvaged from the University of Chicago Regenstein Library. With their support, I hosted office hours for visitors to talk with me about their experience of the museum. After our conversations, I would invite them to leave their mark by engraving into the office with a communal knife. I photographed each participant, their engraving, and made notes about our conversation; these documents will eventually culminate into a book that chronicles my year of interactions and exist in the museum's collection and library.

Through the residency, I also hosted and organized quarterly events where I selected artists to feature with in a collaborative event that engages the general public in a cocktail hour setting. The first event served as an initiation where we played music while the public engraved the freshly built office.